If you are literate enough to be making use of the computer and the internet, it means you may not be a novice to topics centering on solar energy, carbon and degradation of our environment. You would also be aware of the fact that the more we burn fossil fuels in our quest to produce energy for various uses, the more we aid in the breakout of extreme environmental and ecological disasters. Knowing all these, the questions that should be on your lip are: what do I do to stop or at least minimize this spate of natural disasters that are as a result of our careless acts? What part should I play in order to impact our planet positively and minimize the threats to our planet and our existence?


You can start first by finding out the much you can about solar energy. After you must have done this, then it becomes time to make visible changes to your lifestyle and modifying your general attitude. How do you do this? By simply embracing the use of solar based energy. It is only when you don’t know anything about the usefulness of solar systems that you would hesitate about installing such technology on your property. First, when you install a solar based energy system in your home, you save a lot of money that could have gone into payment of electricity bills.


This is not the benefit you derive from making use of solar energy on your property. The most important benefit stems from the fact that through the use of this system, you will be saving our environment from the constant emission of carbon which in turn will help it to recover from the damage caused by our incessant burning of fossil fuels and other acts that do nothing but degrade our environment. This source of energy is the only type that renews energy which has inadvertently led to a lot of people modifying their homes to use solar based energy instead of the traditional source of generating heat or electricity.


Presently, a higher percentage of the world’s population still makes use of fossil fuel as sources of energy instead of the use of solar energy. The more you source your electricity and heating needs through the power stations, the more you cause damage to the environment which includes the ecosystem and its habitat. Stand on your feet today and say no to the continued stamping of carbon footprint on our planet by installing any of the solar based energy system in your home. Not only would you be turning our environment green, you would also be making it cleaner.

The environment is a hot button topic that will be closely monitored during the upcoming election.  Since the environment is closely woven other subject, such as the economy and current world events, how each candidate answers the questions on these subjects may determine their fate this November.  Here are a few issues that will set the tone for the debates.

Climate Change

One candidate may call the issue global warming; another candidate may call it climate change.  Regardless, concerns over greenhouse gases and drastic weather patterns remain.  Candidates may be asked on what they will do to promote lifestyle changes, how they will fund grants to discover technological advancements that will detect and correct environmental abnormalities, and what they will do to (if anything) to punish any corporation that does not comply to the new green initiative.

Clean Energy

This is a way that such things as the world events, economy will be closely tied to the environment.  As the energy industry and candidates are focusing on ways to provide jobs and affordable energy services to Americans, there’s a parallel desire to reduce reliance on foreign oil from unstable countries.  Other issues that may be addressed will be the hydraulic “fracking” process, solar power and the impact of coal mining.

Water Quality

The inefficiency and high cost of the cleaning process will be debated among liberals and conservatives as the quality of global drinking water is a topic of debate between many environmentalists.

Biofuel Technology

Reducing American reliance on foreign oil and developing a friendlier alternative to fossil fuels will surely be a topic of discussion between the candidates.  Ever since the Carter administration in the 70’s, much debate and millions of dollars of taxpayer funded grants have been throw and the problem since the Carter administration.  Despite all of this, there has very little improvement, if any.  Much debate will go to the benefit of investing in private companies and research to further the advancement in biofuel, battery, electric and solar powered vehicles will be a hot topic.

Waste and Consumption

America is one of the largest consumers of plastic in the world, despite advocacy group initiatives and grant funded recycling programs.  While there has been progress in the area, there is still a long road ahead.  The best thing that came from this is the current economic downturn and the chance to get extra cash by recycling, participation in clothing swaps, and upcycling useless items into something new.

We know the hazardous consequences if we don’t follow a green agenda.  From rising temperatures, the disappearing polar ice caps, the spike in extreme weather conditions, and the cause of extinction of certain species of animals.  We see this  in the news, from Hurricane Katrina, the disasters in Japan, Indonesia, and various other places.  So the government pulls in a green government initiative that pushes products that are not as deleterious to the environment, lower emissions, and reduce a carbon footprint.  But how does this affect the bottom line?  How are a business effected by the greener initiative?

  • Global Economy –

Acclaimed New York Times Journalist, Thomas L. Friedman argues that “going green is a national security imperative and that green is the new red, white, and blue”.  Friedman states that clean power will be a source of power in the world and that the country that takes the lead in clean power and clean tech is going to be an economic and strategic leader of this century.  The nation that takes the lad in that industry will generate innovation, competitiveness, and breakthroughs to help the world.

  • Job Creation  –

Environment friendly products and services are still a relatively new area of economic development.  Since going green will place more emphasis on becoming more ecologically aware in such industries as transport, manufacturing, and energy services; and as greener methods of energy and production are introduced and eventually implemented, there will be a need for qualified professionals creating more jobs.

  • Loss of Traditional Jobs and Industries

Critics of the green movement argue that going green will result in the traditional energy industries, namely gas and oil.  Yet proponents of the green movement argue that in the long term the role of the oil and gas industry will become less economically relevant as we become more dependent on renewable energy sources.


  • Expensive, backwards and slow cost efficiency

Critics also cite the cost to the average family of going green in an already struggling economy.  For example, even though adding solar panels may decrease the carbon footprint, the average family cannot afford such installations.  The payback for doing so is also slow, despite the government rebates and financial incentives to purchase one.  On average, the system pays for itself in average of 14 years.  Another example is electric cars, which also has a high upfront cost and slow payback.


  • Role of the markets

Companies may start to figure out what their total carbon emissions are across the board in order to align properly with government polices and tax breaks.  Shareholders, governments, and business partners will be more and more interested in this to see if they increase efficiency

There are a lot of people out there who are yet to hear about the solar power systems. If you are one of them, then it would possibly interest you to know that this distinctive technological invention does not only generate clean energy, it also increases the value of your home when installed to it. As of now, a lot of people globally are embracing this alternative source of energy in every little way they can, especially in those countries where the use of solar energy is already initiated. Should you choose to make use of this type of energy source, you will come to the realization that it saves you money while at the same time offering you eco-friendly power supply.


As far as the solar power systems are concerned, there are various types of it which you as home owner and consumer can really benefit from. There are several developers out there whose systems have been confirmed by consumers to work very fine. However, before you make a choice of the type of solar system to use in your office or home, it is important that certain factors be considered. These factors would help you to make a choice of a system that would give you maximum satisfaction as far as energy provision is concerned. The more facts you find out, the higher your chances of making wise decision.


First, you should know that when it comes to solar power systems, there are two major types which are the Solar Thermal System and the Photovoltaic Panel System. The solar thermal system is mostly used for the sole purpose of generating heat. This means that you find it useful in appliances like furnace, water heater and various other types of boiler apparatus found within your home. The heat is generated through sunlight. The photovoltaic system on the other hand works by producing electricity through the conversion of energy it generated directly from the sunlight.


Therefore, as a homeowner, always know that presently, as it has to do with solar power systems, lots of individuals and businesses are depending more on green energy in order to cut down on electricity bills while at the same time, helping our environment to recover from the degradation it has been subjected to and is still being subjected to through the burning of fossil fuels and other forms of energy consumption that do more harm to our environment than good. What more, the use of the solar power systems is cost effective and with time, not only saves you money but also makes you money.

This blog is dedicated to everything “Green”. It’s time to get proactive about helping the environment.

Consider yourself one of the biggest contributors to the health of our planet. If everyone felt that way and took responsibility the world would quickly improve. Considering your effect on the environment means understanding the consequences of your action (or inaction) on yourself, other people, animals and plants, as well as future generations.

I hope to introduce reads to cool concepts, ideas, information, and news about environmentally friendly and “green” topics.  Beyond, my personal actions and environmental responsibilities, I feel that my words, via Green Salon may help others understand and connect better with the planet earth, either on a single point or in a larger more diversified and “far reaching” way.

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